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Sunday, December 19, 2004


I am done with my first semester at Cornell! Yay!

My databases final actually went very well. I even caught a grading error. I ended up with one of the higher grades in the class (although that still doesn't mean a extremely high grade overall ;-) ). And I already got my grade, and I got a B! That was the hardest B I've ever earned (and I mean earned). In the end I think grading was based on how you stand relative to other people in the class.

After databases, it was all sort of downhill. AI final was tough, but I think I did fine. Our AI project demo/presentation went very well and I think we might just have pulled off an A in that practicum. And my project management final (my last final) was very intense and involved 3 hours of pretty much straight writing (just like the professor told us it would) but I really feel I did well on it.

I also started talking to my AI professor about a possible master's project for next semester. I'm excited! I will actually be doing a real-world AI-based project, just like I hoped when I came here.

Saturday was spent driving back to New Hampshire with my girlfriend. The ride went by quite fast and a good time was had by all :) I came home and went to Newick's with my family -- one thing central New York lacks is seafood restaurants!!

So, now I am going to start the big job search about this area and apply at all the places that I can while I am home. Over this break I am also going to do some major research towards the next generation of Billy, which will be based on true, cutting edge, research-based artificial intelligence techniques (maybe I should do that for my master's project!).

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Almost done...

Well, I'm almost done my first semester at Cornell. Yesterday was, probably, the most stressful day so far here.

First, you have to understand that I have been struggling a bit with my Databases class. I've been putting more time into that class than any other class before, but grades were not what I'm used to for that much effort. It's been frustrating, to put so much time into a class, feel that you understand things, and to get mediocre grades. I studied a huge amount for the final, and kept up hope that my last homework assignment would have a grade that finally reflected my effort... luckily, we got it back and I got a 95 on the homework (impressive for that class), and I felt really good about the final. So now it is all done. I'm sure that my final grade will still be mediocre and not reflect how much time I put into that class, but as long as I get credit for it, that's what really matters.

My AI group also gave our final project demo/presentation yesterday, and it went well. I'm proud of what we produced. I'm starting to try and think about my Master's project for next semester, and am hoping to do it with my AI professor. So I hope I made a good impression :)

So, just two more finals (AI and project management) and it's all over. Phew.

Also, I have discovered I like tea, it is quite relaxing. I'm not proud of it, but it's true. :)

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