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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Movie party!

I had a movie party last night :) I love movie parties. Movie parties are a tradition with my circle of friends (although that circle has changed a bit since I first started doing movie parties).

I first started movie parties my senior year of high school... when I went to college, I roomed with my best friend from home, so we kept up the tradition. Movie parties those two years of college (freshman and sophomore) included people from home, plus new people from college... good fun, but you can't fit many people in a dorm room!

Then my roommate left UNH, and I moved to the on-campus apartments. I decided that I was going to continue the tradition on my own at the apartments, but that first semester, I had no movie parties. Maybe I just didn't feel "at home" enough yet in the apartment. But then the second semester of my junior year I had 3 movie parties, the last one of that semester having a grand total of 10 people in attendance (my ideal count for a movie party).

Then first semester of my senior year, I had two movie parties, but neither one had many people come (one was 5, one was 4). Still both were good times, though. That brings us to second semester, senior year. This is my last hurrah at UNH, so I am very seriously trying to have several movie parties with good attendance. The one I had last night was awesome. 10 people, great time.

My movie parties include a lot of tradition (which goes with the terrirtory of having been going on for 4 years, I guess). We go through a "democratic" process of deciding on a movie (several rounds of voting). It may seem excessive, but it's actually there to serve as sort of an ice-breaker for those people that don't know each other yet. It's more fun than it sounds, and hopefully ends with us watching a movie we all like (although usually it just ends with a movie no one actively dislikes ;-) Then we watch the movie, and then play telephone pictionary, my favorite party game of all time. Everyone writes a sentence, then passes their sentence to the next person, who draws a picture of the sentence, and then thye pass their picture to the next person, who writes a sentence thye think describes that picture, and so on. Until you get your original back and see how it ended up. Awesome game, in all the times I've playe it it's never not been fun.

So that's that. Hopefully I'll have at least 2 more this semester, and senior year will end on a fun note :)