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Monday, February 23, 2004

My life!

More of the same in my life. Compiler design project has turned out to be massive. We have to design our own (simplified) object-oriented programming language, and then write a compiler for it. We've already had our language specification due, and now we're working on the scanner/parser for the compiler. Just this weekend, I got my parser to correclty validate complex code :) Now I have to generate abstract syntax trees... hmm... I just switched my implementation language from C to C++, because the ASTs will be easier to write in an OO-style.

What else... my apartment this semester is great. I really like my roommates. My girlfriend is student teaching this semster, so she is not around as much :( But I still see her as much as I can. I'm having to actually strengthen other friendships now, though! :) Which is probably healthy for a semi-antisocial nerd such as myself...

I've decided to go to every hockey this semster, and I've actually been doing it! It's been a fun time. Great games. Luckily I haven't seen us lose one yet (but we have tired). UNH was #2 in the country last year, but we're not doing quite as well this year. Oh well, go wildcats nonetheless :)

I still haven't heard back from grad schools. MIT said I'd get a letter at the end of February / beginning of March, so it shouldn't be too far off. I get more nervous every day...

Well that's it. Talk in my message board. Even though I don't post here too regularly, I check the message board every day. So there.