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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Grad schools

Well, the big thing going on in my life right now is trying to choose a grad school for next semester. I have all my acceptance/rejection letters so I know what I to choose from. I won't say here where I got in and where I didn't, but I will surely post here once I've decided where I'm going to go. Next week I am visiting Cornell (so I guess you know now that I got in there). That was the one school I didn't visit over winter break, because a) it was the farthest away and b) I didn't expect to get in there. But now I have so I figure I should go out to see it.

Not much else going on. Still working on my compiler (now it can actually compile programs into machine code!), and working on a presentation/paper for my Computational Linguistics class. I'm researching question answering, which appealed to me because that has always been a part of Billy I put effort into, but that I never quite felt was what I wanted it to be. Maybe some technology for the next Billy will result from this...

OK, that's it.