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Sunday, December 19, 2004


I am done with my first semester at Cornell! Yay!

My databases final actually went very well. I even caught a grading error. I ended up with one of the higher grades in the class (although that still doesn't mean a extremely high grade overall ;-) ). And I already got my grade, and I got a B! That was the hardest B I've ever earned (and I mean earned). In the end I think grading was based on how you stand relative to other people in the class.

After databases, it was all sort of downhill. AI final was tough, but I think I did fine. Our AI project demo/presentation went very well and I think we might just have pulled off an A in that practicum. And my project management final (my last final) was very intense and involved 3 hours of pretty much straight writing (just like the professor told us it would) but I really feel I did well on it.

I also started talking to my AI professor about a possible master's project for next semester. I'm excited! I will actually be doing a real-world AI-based project, just like I hoped when I came here.

Saturday was spent driving back to New Hampshire with my girlfriend. The ride went by quite fast and a good time was had by all :) I came home and went to Newick's with my family -- one thing central New York lacks is seafood restaurants!!

So, now I am going to start the big job search about this area and apply at all the places that I can while I am home. Over this break I am also going to do some major research towards the next generation of Billy, which will be based on true, cutting edge, research-based artificial intelligence techniques (maybe I should do that for my master's project!).