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Monday, October 27, 2003

Odds and ends

Hmm, well I few odds and ends to talk about...

Red Sox lost the series last week (2 weeks ago, actually, I guess). Not a big baseball fan, but the big games are fun to watch and it's too bad we got so close.

Got to go to my first UNH hockey game of the season (on the same night that the Sox lost the series). I love UNH hockey (and as anyone who follows college hockey knows, UNH has a very good time, came in second nationally last year). I like going to games but always find that it's hard to be able to go a lot of the time. This year, my goal is to go to every game... so if I don't meet that goal, at least maybe I'll have gone to a lot of games :)

Working on two big projects for... the big AI project and the big Object Oriented Design project. The AI project proposal is due this week, and surprisingly (maybe), I'm not doing anything related to natural language representation or knowledge bases. I'm doing a scheduling program using constrain satisfaction techniques... I'm sure this particular problem has been done before, but it's still an interesting project to work on. The OO project is an assigned one we do in teams. I'm happy with my team so far... good hardworking people... and the project seems doable, possibly with a nervous breakdown figured in :)

And I realized I love Apple iTunes music service... downloaded it the day it was released for Windws (now where's the Linux version... ;-) ), and have already downloaded a few songs. I love being able to legally buy one song at a time, it's just what I want from the music industry :)

OK, that's it. Come on people, discuss something in the message board. Anything. :)