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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

One great weekend

Well, I finally had an exciting weekend... ;-)

I ended up being invited to the wedding for my girlfriend's cousin. It was down at Cape Cod, so I spent the entire weekend down there. Apparently it rained everywhere BUT Cape Cod ... all I know is that the wedding was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and Cape Cod (where I had never been before) is a great place. I got some great digital pictures of the wedding and some of just the surrounding area, but I won't post them here... you'll just have to go to Cape Cod yourself :) In addition to all that, my girlfriend's family was really great to me, and it was nice to feel accepted there even though I'm not actually family :)

Yup, a great weekend. Now I'm back at college and buried under work for a while. Actually, I went to the opera here at UNH last night and saw Don Giovanni. It was a good production, best I've seen here at UNH so far (it was done by an outside professional opera company). And tonight I'm going to the gym -- which we all know I must do in order to keep up my extreme buffness. But other than all that, I'm buried under work.

Hey, gotta relax and have fun too. :)