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Sunday, August 24, 2003

You saw it here first!

I have an announcement.

For a while, I've been talking about re-releasing Billy 2, with source code, prior to the upcoming release of Billy 4.

Tomorrow is the day.

This is, in a way, proof that Billy 4 is going well. I wanted the releases of Billy 2 and 4 to be close, but not too close. I didn't want to re-release Billy 2 until I could see the "light at the end of the tunnel" for Billy 4. You might say I've seen the light, and so have decided that it is time to re-relase Billy 2 to the world.

I had decided to do this a long, long time ago. I said that by the time I made a 4th Billy, there wouldn't be many source code segments from Billy 2 that were still in use. At that time, it would be better to let the world have the source and learn from it, rather than holding onto it just for myself. Even though I came up with this idea back when Billy 2 was still new, it's been a loooong time coming for Billy 4.

Oh well. Check my site tomorrow and relive the classic Billy, and get a peek at the source code. :)