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Thursday, September 11, 2003

What's senior year of college like? Well...

I haven't done too much yet this year to really talk about, but it has already turned out to be a BUSY year.

My Object-Oriented class has just a much of a workload as I had heard. We've already had a design exercise and a Java program which is due tomorrow (I'm done, though... I think). And my AI class has already assigned 400 pages of reading, in addition to a program in Lisp... guess I'll have to learn Lisp real quickly. And my Electrical engineering class has already started tough homeworks and labs. My philosophy of religion class is fun, though, and not too much work.

The program I'm writing for my CS department is starting to get interesting, though. I'm starting to get as excited about it as I get about my own programs, which is a good sign. It's weird to think that a program I'm writing will actually be used in an important setting, and will continue to be used possibly for years to come. Actually, weird was the wrong word -- that's scary. But at least I finally ended up an internship-like job where I can actually build skills and experience that will help me in the real world -- and get paid at the same time.

I grew a goatee, as well. Don't know if I'll keep it yet. My facial hair is weird: My hair is dirty blond. and so is most of my facial hair, except on my chin, where it's dark dark black. I don't know if that makes me look unique with a goatee or just strange and dirty. We'll see.

I'm off to lunch and to pass in my first timesheet to the computer science department... exciting times!