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Monday, September 01, 2003

A long ResNet weekend

Well, I am back online now. Keeping up to date with Slashdot, e-mail, and world news... in that order.

No entries lately because my ResNet job (network tech support) has been keeping more than busy enough. We trained for 3 days, and then the freshmen moved in. That is the day I dread the most -- we start at 8am roaming dorms around campus. At that time in the morning, everyone is just moving in and most haven't set up their computers yet. Which sounds like it would be a nice break, BUT, that just means that you have to walk around nonstop. At least if someone had a problem, you could sit down to work on it.

After lunch, though, the fun starts. Now everyone has set up their computers and some find that they can't get online. I spent the afternoon in one of 2 massive twin tower dorms that exist mostly for freshmen. Ten floors. Lots of people who have never put a computer on a network before. Which is understandable. At least that means most of the problems are relatively easy. Except for a few standout problems, like disabled NICs for which the person has no drivers. I don't mind though, challenges are fun.

After dinner, I did a sweep of the largest dorm on campus, and knocked off quite a few problems. I stopped working at 8pm. Twelve hours. But that brings us to one of the nice things about opening weekend -- long hours mean lots of money.

Then on Sunday we focused on trying to finish up the freshmen problems before the upperclassmen moved in, which brings us to today. Today was actually uneventful -- the upperclassmen have all already been on campus and so any problems they'd have, they've probably already had.

Now, actual classes start tomorrow. I'm lucky, I have no Tuesday classes, so my first day can be spent sleeping and recovering from the long hours worked this weekend.