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Monday, October 13, 2003

New toy!

My life revolves around my Palm computer.

I've had my Palm for over three years now. It's a Palm IIIxe... a truly great model, if you ask me. Some people think that Palms are just glorified organizers, but for some types of people, they can be incredibly useful -- myself included. I regard my IIIxe as the most useful thing I ever purchesed.

Sadly, the power button recently stopped working. This isn't an end-of-the-world problem, but the power button not working means that you can turn it on and see the last screen you were at (you can, however, use the function buttons to go straight to one of four applications), you can do a hard-reset, you can't turn on the backlight, and you can't explicitly turn it off (although you can just it left auto-turn off after 30 seconds). I decided that the IIIxe had servered it's purpose, and that this must be a sign that it's time for a new Palm computer.

Which is a huge decision for me, since my entire life is organized in my Palm. At first, I was looking only at models made by Palm, Inc., since they made my Palm IIIxe and I loved that. But, none of their current models jumped out at me. I wanted to stay with the Palm OS (I could go off now on why I absolutely hate the whole Pocket PC market, but won't), so I looked at Handspring (who only seems to make business-class Palms now), and Sony. Surprisingly, I found exactly what I was looking for at Sony.

A Sony Clie PEG SJ-33. It's full color, high-resolution, can play MP3s and videos, has 16MB of RAM built in, and accepts Sony Memory Sticks for expandable memory. Plus, all the features of my existing Palm. Such a cool device.

I went looking for one at the local Best Buy, Circuit City, and Staples, but no one had one in stock. So, I ordered one online from NewEgg. It was a very good experience -- ordered it on Saturday, got shipped Monday from California, and was here on Wednesday.

And I love it. That's all I can say, I really think it's a great, quality device. I never thought my IIIxe was outdated till I saw this new one. It's so amazing. Works great as a music player, videos look great, games look great, and the standard PDA functions are more responsive.

It's a great new toy :)

In other news, I went to my first Pi Mu Epsilon meeting, and intend on going to more in the future. I went to the UNH homecoming fireworks on Friday... the fireworks are one of my favorite events here, and it was sort of sad going to them for the last time. But the fireworks here are seriously some of the best I've ever seen. UNH goes all out for homecoming. And yesterday I went to Boston with my girlfriend and some friends. Had a great time, despite the rain.

Today is a day off ("Fall break"), but I've been doing homework all day. Now I'm off to take my well-deserved break. Phew.