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Every day, I get e-mail from MAD fans, the great people that you are! In this page I'll try to answer every e-mail I get (but I can't guarantee that -- I'm only human!). I'll try to update this almost every day, but sometimes that won't be possible (again, I'm only human!). Enjoy!

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    This is the first time that I have visited the MAD site. I must say BRAVO!! Even though this is not a offical site it's still pretty **** good. Anyway I should get going now bacause my bananna is on fire and the dog's in the roof.


    Those bannanas'll get you every time...
    Can you point me to the poem based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" that was in some issue way in the past? It was by Edgar, Al, and Moe. Thank you very much.

    -David Wilson

    You may be looking an article called "The Raven" which was in issue #55, June 1960, or one called "The Hip Raven" from issue #111, June 1967. Happy trails to you!
    I like Duck Yewing, and Sergio Arogones ALOT! Cool website!

    -Ana Swagler

    Duck Yewing? That's not even close!
    Greg, Antonio Prohias has not done SvS for a number of years now. M&P are Manak and Porges. If you look at back issues you might also see C/E which was Clarke and Edwing. I also believe Porges and Edwing did some under P/E. They leave the "By Prohias" in morse code as a tribute to him. Antonio has been in ill health which forced his retirement.

    Why don't you subscribe to my fanzine, The MAD Panic?

    -Ed Norris

    I always wonder what that morse code said... all I know is "SOS" (which will definately come in handy for us land lovers!). I've heard of the MAD Panic, sounds real good. If you want to subscribe, e-mail ed.norris@altavista.digital.com.

    I hadn't thought of MAD for years until this strange sensation in my abdomen told me to look for it. Is this some form of MAD-induced post-traumatic shock syndrome? ****, I didn't think the mag was still in print, as I have not saw it among the tripe offered on public newsstands lately, or even post-lately. or post-neo-modern. or something. When the aforementioned intestinal discontinuity hit me I went immediately to my local Barnes and Noble sycophant(BookStar) and looked for the mag, the nostalgia was calling! The mag was not one that those prestigious booksellers carry, although they do have "Modern Maturity" in the "M" section. My Question Is; Will I now have to go those corner stores signed with the XXX logo to purchase MAD? I know that it is feasible that the mag has degenerated(or pro-generated) itself to the point that it would be only available in stores of ill-repute. I just want to know if agents of the "guvmint" will shadow me in my pursuit of the truest of the true satire magazines.

    -What, Me Worry?

    I guess a lot of people thought that MAD wasn't in print any more. That's why they came out with the "new" MAD. Y'know, with the slanted logo.
    A stupid question:
    (from one horse to another) why do you lose every derby race?


    It's rare that I get a SATSQ submission that makes me stand up and take notice. My eyes are a little wider. It makes me open my mouth and say... "That doesn't make any sense at all!"
    Keep turning out the great garbage every month. Your tripe makes my want to throw up every time i buy one of your mags. Without one of your crappy Mad super specials i could never go to the bathroom and comfortaby sit down.

    -Woody Turner

    Do you sit on the mag?