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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Job interviews!

Well, I've been lucky enough to have about 10 first job interviews so far, and now I have lots of 2nd (and some more 1st) interviews scheduled over the next few weeks. It's actually kind of exciting. I won't mention what companies, but I am going out to California tomorrow for one (for a job in NYC), then several in Massachusetts, then one in Washington DC. Pretty exciting... I've never been to the west coast before! Scary, too, I guess.

School is interesting this semester. I am taking networks, machine learning, software engineering, and doing my master's project in natural language processing. Overall, lots of interesting things. I haven ever been exposed to networks before, so this is all new, interesting stuff, and machine learning and software engineering I have had some exposure to, but it's nice getting formal education there. And of course NLP is a great interest of mine, so I'm very happy I was able to do my master's project in that (with my AI professor from last semester, no less).

OK, have to get back to lots of packing for tomorrow. California here I come!