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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Movie party & a movie

Well, I had a movie party this past Saturday. It's my first movie party since my "final" movie party at UNH last spring (and my first movie party at home since high school!). It was a lot of fun.... unfortunately the bad weather here in New Hampshire kept most people from coming. But, there were 6 people that braved the snow and it was still a lot of fun. It was the longest movie party I've ever had, but that was good because the people there had largely not seen each other in a long time. We watched The Mexican, Muppet Treasure Island, and played telephone pictionary and Cranium. If you don't know what telephone pictionary is or how we pick our movies, see my last post on movie parties.

Today, I went to see Phantom of the Opera with my girlfriend, her sister, and her sister's friend. I was very impressed. I've liked most of the recent musical movies (namely Moulin Rouge and Chicago), and have always like the music for Phantom (after having borrowed the London musical's soundtrack from my library a long time ago), so I was excited about this movie. It was not a disappointment. It wasn't quite as good as Moulin Rouge in my opinion -- probably largely because I didn't feel there was much character development. In Moulin Rouge you really come to care for the characters, but the characters in Phantom are noticeably flatter and less complex. In the end, though, the songs were all quite well done (though not as well performed as in the London musical), and the translation to screen was artful. For good or bad, the musical numbers here are all "bigger" and more extravagant than what you'll find in Chicago. That can be nice in small doses. Unfortunately, my other complaint with the movie is that it was a tad too long -- the 2 and half hours could easily have been cut down to just two (which I think is just the right length for a musical movie). Imperfections aside, I loved it overall and would recommend it! (And either my girlfriend or I will be adding it to our DVD collections, I'm sure).

Also, I'm going back to Cornell this Saturday. I cannot believe I will be starting my final semester of grad school!