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William M. Gaines: founder
Jenette Kahn: president & editor-in-chief
Paul Levitz: executive vice president & publisher
Nick Meglin & John Ficarra: editors
Jonathan Schneider: art director


Joe Orlando: consulting editor
Charlie Kadau & Joe Raiola: associate editors
David Shayne: assistant editor
Amy L. Vozeolas: editorial assistant
Dick DeBartolo: creative consultant
Annie Gaines: managing editor
Dorothy Crouch: resident consultant

Art department

Nadina S. Simon: assistant art director
Leonard Brenner: graphics consultant
Thomas Nozkowski: production
Marla Weisenborn: production assistant

Contributing Artists And Writers

The Usual Gang of Idiots:
Sergio Aragones, Dave Berg, Tom Bunk, John Caldwell, Bob Clarke, Jack Davis, Dick DeBartolo, Desmond Delvin, Mort Drucker, Duck Edwing, Stan Hart, Frank Jacobs, Al Jaffee, Joe Orlando, Andrew Schwartzberg, Angelo Torres, Rick Tulka, Sam Viviano, and probably more that we've all forgotten!