The contents of this website were originally written as a final research paper for a Vocal Pedagogy class I took at the University of New Hampshire. Too many times choir teachers love to teach, but do not know enough about the adolescent voice to effectively help their students through this difficult change. Teachers should know what healthy vocal production is and be able to articulate that knowledge to the students. Through my website, I will compare the male and female adolescent voices. The female changing voice is often overlooked because of the drastic change in the male voice. I will offer tips to help handle a choir of adolescent singers, as well as general information for all young singers, and incorporate exercises in the curriculum to achieve a homogeneous sound for the choral group.

About Me

I am an elementary music teacher, private voice teacher, and singer working in the greater Boston area. I hold a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Ithaca College and a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the University of New Hampshire.

If you have any questions about the adolescent voice or any of my research, feel free to send me feedback.