Here is a list of most of the Mortal Kombat 3 secrets known!


Cheats menu: At main menu, enter A,C,Up,B,Up,B,A,Down.
Killer code: At main menu enter C,Right,A,Left,A,Up,C,Right,A,Left,A,Up and you'll be able to play as Smoke, Motaro, Shao Kahn, and more!
Secrets menu: At main menu enter B,A,Down,Left,A,Down,C,Right,Up,Down now you can choose your background, set timer speed, and more!
Endurance: At main menu hold A+B+C and hit Start.


Kool stuff menu: At the main menu, enter Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,A,B,A
Kooler stuff menu: At the main menu, enter Select,A,B,Right,Left,Down,Down,Up,Up
Scott's stuff menu: At the main menu, enter X,B,A,Y,Up,Right,Down,Right,Down
Sound test: At the main menu, enter A,Y,B,X
Stealth select: Begin a 2-player game, and at the character select screen, player 1 should do counterclockwise motions on the controller, and player 2 should do clockwise motions. Now you can select your fighter without the other player know you're selecting!


Cheats menu: After you've turned on the system, let it go past the "Prepare for Kombat" screen, then do not enter the Smoke UKK. Let the game go into attract mode. While in attract mode, hit Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L2 on controller 1 or 2. You'll hear a sound if it worked. Next, push Start and go to the "Kombat" screen. Once there, hit Up, and then when the "?" appears, hit Start again!


All these codes must be entered in your MK3 directory, and you can combine them (i.e. mk3 0666 8000 for Play Smoke and Turbo Mode).

Play Smoke: mk3 0666
Invisible fighters: mk3 1995
Turbo Mode: mk3 8000
Mirror mode: mk3 9966
Jumbo fighters: mk3 8888
Flying mini-fighters: mk3 1111
Bosses: mk3 1000000
Tall fighters: mk3 12345
Short fighters: mk3 54321
Shadow fighters: mk3 831
Bad block: mk3 4862222
Slo-mo mode: mk3 603015

Hidden Characters

Smoke (Genesis): At the MK3 logo, hit A,B,B,A,Down,A,B,B,A,Down,Up,Up. See the moves guide for his moves.
Smoke (SNES): At copyright: Left+A, at Williams screen: Right+B, at quote: Y+X
Smoke (PlayStation): Get the Ultimate Kombat Kode screen to come up by rotating the joystick clockwise as soon as the "Prepare for Kombat" screen goes away. Now you can enter Smoke's UKK, which is 010 696. Alternatively, access the cheats menu (see above), and turn Smoke ON.

Kombat Kodes


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