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Last updated on March 2nd, 1997

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October 27th, 1996: Acclaim, who has the rights to Mortal Kombat 1 & 2, is going to be making MK Duo, it's response to MK Trilogy. MK Duo will be MK1 & 2 on one disc, for DOS CD-ROM and Sega Saturn.
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September 25th, 1996: The MK RPG will be coming first to the Sony PlayStation.
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Spetember 25th, 1996: Motaro and Shao Kahn are going to be hidden in the Nintendo 64 version of MK Trilogy! Also, the exact release dates are now known... October 13th - PlayStation, November 1st - Nintendo 64, December 3rd - Saturn, and December 23rd - PC.
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September 17th, 1996: Goro will be hidden, not instantly playable, in the PlayStation (and probably Saturn) version of MK Trilogy. Also... the Saturn version of MKT will probably be released in early December (around or on the 3rd).
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September 4th, 1996: The PC CD-ROM version of MK Trilogy will probably almost exactly the same as the PlayStation version....Ed Boon says that a version for the Saturn is in the works....Kameleon (a grey female ninja) will be a hidden fighter on the N64 version, Chameleon (a male ninja) will be a hidden fighter on the PlayStation version....Baraka will have an (a la Scorpion) air throw....Classic Sub Zero's spine rip fatality is once again back in full glory!....Ermac has a frog animality....Human Smoke gets Scorpion's Pack fatality. Whew!
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