Here is a list of most of the Mortal Kombat II secrets known!


Switches menu: As soon as the opening cinematics start, enter D,U,L,L,A,R,D,B,Y,C. Now go to the Main Menu, and you will see a new option named "Switches." You can turn on 1-hit wins, continuous Toasty!, and more.


Test Modes menu: From the title screen, go to Options. At the Options screen, highlight "Done." Now press L,D,R,R,D,L,L,L,L,R,R,R. Now a new option called "Test Modes" should appear.


Secret menu: For more kontrol of the Kombat, enter this code at the main menu: Go to options, choose Done. At the main menu, enter L,D,L,R,D,R,L,L,R,R. Now you have a new option: Test modes.
Fergality: Do the above code, and select Ooh, Nasty. Fight your way to the Armory as Rayden. Then when instructed to Finish Him/Her, enter Back,Back,Back,Start. Fergality!

Genesis & SNES

Mortal Tomb: Right after sending your opponent to the spikes, hit down on both controllers. Your opponent will slide right off!


Super damage: Enter D,U,R,U,L,Select at the character select screen.
Extended fatality time: Enter U,U,L,U,D at the character select screen.
Fight Shao Kahn: At the character select screen, enter R,U,U,R,L.
Fight Kintaro: At the character select screen, enter U,D,D,R,R,Select.
Fight Noob Saibot: At the character select screen, enter L,U,D,D,R.
Fight Jade: At the character select screen, enter U,D,D,L,R.
Fight Smoke: At the character select screen, enter U,L,U,U,R,select.
See Shao Kahn & Kintaro beat up logo: When you turn on the SNES, hold L and R.
Elimination mode: Hold L and R at the main menu.
Dead Pool: As the skeleton comes up from the water, hit down and the skeleton will give a gurgling "ohhhhh".

Hidden Characters

Jade (Saturn, Genesis & SNES): At the stage before the "?", use nothing but LK and win one round.
Smoke (Saturn, Genesis & SNES): Press Down+Start at the Portal stage when Dan Forden says "TOASTY!"
Noob Saibot (Genesis): Win 25 matches.
Noob Saibot (Saturn, SNES & Arcade): Win 50 matches.

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