Here is a list of most of the Mortal Kombat secrets known!


Blood code: Want the blood that was so cool in the arcade? Just enter
this code at the "Code of Honor" screen (in the intros... don't hit Start):A,B,A,C,A,B,B

DULLARD menu: The DULLARD menu lets youhave more kontrol over Kombat.
Just enter this code at the Mortal Kombat menu: D,U,L,L,A,R,D (that's DULLARD!). Under the
"Options" selection, "Cheats Enabled" will appear. This is what each choice does:

Hidden Characters

Reptile (Genesis and SNES): Here's how to fight that mysterious green clad ninja!
Begin a 1 player game and fight your way to the Pit. If a silhouette scrolls across the moon, then
you'll have a chance to fight Reptile. When your battle over the Pit begins, don't use the block
button at all!! In order to fight Reptile, you've also got to beat your opponent without taking any
damage any by completing your fight with a finishing move. Since you can't use the block button,
you can only fight Reptile with Sub Zero, Johnny Cage, or Rayden (their finishing moves don't use
the block button).

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