Here is a list of MK-related sites I have found and think are among the best. You won't find any bad site here!
You can also submit your own sites!

The WWW MK Information Center by and
This is what used to be Rat's site. Probably the best thing about this site is it's huge file archive.
Highlights:File archive.

BlueStar's Mortal Links by
The best MK links page there is, if you're looking for quantity. This page has links to over 325 MK pages!
Highlights:A-F, G-N, O-Z.

MindRipper's Mortal Kombat Page by
Nice looking page. He seems to get a lot of info from magazines, and has some some info I've never seen before (which may mean it's just rumors). Worth a look, though.
Highlights:MK4, MK Poll.

Noob Saibot's Outworld by
This is Ed Boon's page! While it's still kinda small, it's got quite a lot of UMK3 home version and MK Trilogy info.
Highlights:UMK3, MK Trilogy.

Knightsbridge - Mortal Kombat by
This is a well designed page, with very up-to-date news, and a thorough tips & kodes section.
Highlights:MK News, tips & kodes.

MK WWW Site Access by
This is one of the best MK site lists on the web. It also now has a moves list.
Highlights:First class pages, new moves.

The Unofficial Mortal Kombat Page by
This is nice page with lots of the fan fiction seen in, and some cool pictures of MK's bugs.
Highlights:MK bugs, MK Fan Fiction.

Mortal Kombat Art by
Here you can get some really cool art this guy's made of some MK characters.
Highlights:Ermac, Mileena, Classic Sub Zero.

The Kombat Web by
This page contains some great technical info on MK, and has exclusive graphics and sounds.
Highlights:Alt.Games.MK Page, Technical info.

ERMAC's MK3 Page by
This page is one of the best I've seen, although it hasn't been updated in a while. It has a lot of information, and many FAQs and codes!
Highlights:Rumors, UMK3 FAQ, MK3 PC Section.

Kano's MK Page by
This page has an excellent UMK3 info page, and has contests and FAQs.
Highlights:UMK3 Info.

Yet Another MK Page by
This page has FAQs for every MK, links, and also has the first (and best, in some people's opinions) MK humor section.
Highlights:MK Manifesto, MK Humor. (USENET)
While there is a lot of flaming and rumors in this group, you can always ask for help and get a good answer. (USENET)
Same as, but this one only talks about Mortal Kombat 3.

This page is designed only to show you the best MK web pages. If you want a list of every MK web page, use Rat's MK Links page.

Also, drop by the #mk IRC channel, maybe you'll get a chance to talk to me live, or any other MK master!

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