July 15th to July 20th

Monday, July 15th - "The Deal"
Jerry and Elaine devise a new set of rules for their relationship.

Tuesday, July 16th - "The Note"
To get a top-of-the-line massage free, Jerry asks his dentist friend to sign a note saying Jerry, George and Elaine need treatment from a certified physical therapist for medical reasons. When the doctor is later suspected of insurance fraud, Jerry must figure a way to save his friend's reputation and career.

Wednesday, July 17th - "The Pen"
Jerry and Elaine visit Jerry's parents in Florida, where Jerry's father is being honored by his condominium association. At dinner, Jerry admires a special astronaut's pen owned by one of the association members. When Jerry accepts it as a gift, he starts a mountain of tension with his folks, who feel Jerry should have refused.

Thursday, July 18th - "The Parking Garage"
Jerry and his friends get lost in a parking garage.

Friday, July 19th - "The Cafe"
Noticing that few people stop to eat at a certain small neighborhood cafe, Jerry feels sorry for the owner and stops in to suggest ways of increasing business -- which causes the restaurant to do even worse. Meanwhile, George agrees to take an I.Q. test as part of his girlfriend's research project and then fears she'll find out he's not as smart as he's been saying he is.

Saturday, July 20th - "The Tape"
Jerry frantically tries to identify the mystery woman who anonymously whispered naughty suggestions into the tape recorder he used to record his stand-up comedy act. But when Elaine confides to George that the voice was hers, George sees her in a more sensual light! Hoping to impress her, he procures an ancient Chinese potion guaranteed to grow hair.