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The next season starts on Thursday, September 19th!!!

In the June 1 - 7 issue of TV Guide, Jerry Seinfeld talks about next season, this season, Larry David (writer/producer) leaving, and the show in general. Here are some excerpts regarding next season:

Q: How will the show change next year, without Larry [David]?
A: I'm not going to do any stand-up on the show, because I have more responsibility with Larry gone, more writing to do. So we're going to have to come up with an opening for the show. I won't be doing anything next season that I haven't been doing, but without Larry there, I have to do more of it. It's a one-parent family now.

Q: Are you sad next season will be the final one?
A: That's not been determined yet.
Q: You mean you might consider doing two more seasons?
A: Yeah. We were going to make this past season the last season, but you kind of go with how it's going. The end of the season before this one, we all felt like we were crawling. We entered this season, and we felt we would be lucky to get through it. But the wind caught the sails this season. We have new writers who injected fresh ideas and fresh energy. And the cast, we've all kept our heads together. Nobody became weird or different becuase of the success we've had. When we're not shooting, we sit around the set and talk. We know it's not going to last forever, so we're enjoying it.