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Michael Richards

Richards is 43, born in Los Angeles. He received a bachelor's degree in Drama from the California Institute of the Arts in 1975 (he also had a short-lived Improv act with Ed Begley, Jr. during this period). He then spent two years in the Army developing educational skits, and then he spent a couple more years "finding himself" at a commune in the Santa Clara Mountains. Before he made it big (or small, for that matter), he drove a bus and developed a stand-up act in 1979. He got his big break nine months later appearing in Billy Crystal's first cable TV special. He married a former casting director (married 19 years, divorced in 1990), has a 17-year-old daughter, Sophia, and now lives in the San Fernando Valley.
Since Kramer's entrances have become so famous (and annoying since they added that inane "Fonzie-esque" applause whenever he comes in for the first time, if you ask me), Michael says he's going to work on his exits for next year.