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Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry was born on April 29th, 1954 in New York City. He started out as a stand-up comic in the late seventies, and appeared semi-regularly on The Tonight Show. According to Jerry at this year's Juno Awards (for excellence in Canadian Music), he owes his success to Anne Murray since the two of them appeared on a Tonight Show together, after which Anne asked him to be the opening act for her in Las Vegas. While spending the eighties performing and perfecting his stand-up routine, Jerry became more and more popular, in no small part to his numerous spots on "Late Night With David Letterman". He continues to tour when there are breaks in the taping of the TV show.
When Jerry first got the go-ahead to do the show, he only expected it to last six or seven weeks, since he was doing it "his way"-- something that surely wouldn't be hugely popular with the masses. As surprising as the success of the show is (to him, especially), he has publicly stated many times that he wouldn't do the show past five years simply so that it goes down as a "gem", not like "a bolt of cloth that keeps unwinding".