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Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander was born Jay Greenspan on September 23, 1959 in Newark, New Jersey. Jason started out on Broadway (in fact, he won a Tony Award in 1989 for best actor in a musical for "Jerome Robbins' Broadway"). Alexander is married to actress Daena Title and they have a son, Gabriel. The actor grew up Livingston, NJ and attended Boston University.
In an interview on "Fresh Air," a National Public Radio show out of Philadelphia, Jason Alexander admitted that George is loosely based on the show's producer, Larry David. Also, he admitted that in both his audition and the first few shows he was doing an unabashed imitation of Woody Allen. He also states that he owes his entire career to William Shatner, who's acting style he tries to emulate.
In a recent "Rolling Stone" magazine, Jason parallels himself and George: "I never had a good year. I had nine years of orthodentia, and the day the braces came off, the hair started falling out.''