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For those interested, Leedberg has a resume online in PDF format.


Gregory G. Leedberg is currently a 25-year old software engineer from Boston, Massachusetts.

Born and raised in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Leedberg was first exposed to computers in elementary school, and instantly was intrigued by them. After getting his first computer in sixth grade, he took instantly to programming, rather than merely using, the computer. Within months he had taught himself to produce programs written in the BASIC computer language.

In high school, Greg began his formal training in taking two programming classes. There, he learned the Pascal language and started to solidify the programming concepts he had picked up along the way. During his senior year of high school, Leedberg began programming an artificial intelligence conversation program. This program, "Billy" is still being actively developed to this day. The pursuit of the goal of a program which can realistically interact with humans has driven Leedberg's interest in computer science.

Which is not to say Leedberg programmed and did nothing else. Quite to the contrary, Leedberg was heavily involved in music throughout his middle- and high-school career, playing trombone and guitar. He even placed high enough in New Hampshire to play in the All-State music festival, and performed several times with the New Hampshire Philharmonic.

Still, the science of computing was his passion, and when the time came to decide on a major for college, computer science was his choice (not without some internal debate about whether to choose music performance, though). In the end, Leedberg decided to attend the University of New Hampshire.

There, Leedberg successfully attained his bachelor of science degree in computer science. In those four years, myriad experiences helped to shape Greg Leedberg. Namely, working in a local mall making pretzels, supporting the university computer network for 12,000 users, developing a programming assignment grading system for use in the computer science department, and, of course, continued development of "Billy".

Leedberg also interned for a summer at Verizon Communications. There, he developed a database to automate tasks previously done by hand. It was an exhilirating and eye-opening experience about the real-world of corporate culture.

During his final year at UNH, Leedberg decided to continue on to pursue his master's degree as well. After evaluating many options, Leedberg was accepted to, and decided to attend, the prestigious College of Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

A master's degree program at a world-class school was everything Greg hoped it would be. He had the opportunity to work on numerous projects with other bright students. Most importantly, Cornell instilled much practical knowledge and solidifed the theory Leedberg learned during undergraduate study.

After finishing graduate school, Leedberg was offered, and accepted, a position as a software engineer at Raytheon Company, a worldwide leader in defense systems. For Leedberg, Raytheon presented everything he dreamed of when he first fell in love with programming in sixth grade: the opportunity to work on cutting edge, highly complex, challenging systems, which are extremely relevant in the real world.

Currently, Leedberg is working in the greater Boston area as a software engineer for Raytheon Network Centric Systems.