Welcome to The Vault. Here you can download graphics, sounds, game demos, and other files related to Mortal Kombat!

The Vault has now been split up into 5 sections -- one for each MK game I have files for. To navigate, click on the buttons at the top of the pages.

This top page now has the top ten list, which is a list of the ten most downloaded files last month.

Top 10 Files For August

  1. mkt_select2.jpg (110,063 bytes): MK Trilogy fighter select screen, with Human Smoke and Johnny Cage enabled.
  2. umk3fat.wav (35,232 bytes): UMK3 fatality music.
  3. csubfat.jpg (5,612 bytes): Classic Sub Zero's Ice Spike fatality.
  4. rayden_ermac.gif (133,108 bytes): VS. Screen of Rayden VS Ermac.
  5. finisher.wav (22,707 bytes): "Finish Her!"
  6. getover.wav (13,600 bytes): "Get over here!"
  7. finishim.wav (26,310 bytes): "Finish Him!"
  8. mk1fat.wav (32,486 bytes): MK1 fatality music.
  9. toasty.wav (7,509 bytes): "TOASTY!"
  10. courtyard.gif (122,797 bytes): Sindel VS Rain in the Courtyard.

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