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Keith Lea for sending me all the SNES secrets for my MK3 Secrets page, the Rain pic, and just being cool. :)

Baraka sent me 26 Kombat Kodes, and invites you to send him more!

MacH gave me a lot of moves for UMK3.

Patrick McCarron gave me more UMK3 moves in his great FAQ.

Sandy Lyden-Bird sent me a bunch of fatalities for UMK3.

Robert Nociti gave me the SNES MK2 secrets.

Chris Nyman gave me the PSX cheats menu code from his MK3 PSX FAQ.

Antony Espindola had the most up-to-date MK4 news on his page (which is now gone).

Knightbridge gave me the MK3 PC codes.

Kevin Watkins found the Saturn UMK3 Ultimate Kombat Kodes.

Chris Blaney supplied a lot of details on MKT in his MKT FAQ.

Sue Vuong gave me the Sub Zero ice spike fatality pic.

Everyone on #agmk for approving the new top page! (Well, at least those of you who were there at the time)

...and the following game magazines: NEXT Generation, Game Informer, GamePro, and Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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