Here's a brief description on how to use the frames on Motaro's MK Page to their fullest.

When you start out, the main page is loaded in the bottom frame, the What's Cool page is loaded in the upper-left frame, and the Control Panel is in the upper-right frame.

The main page has three options: Load Toolbar, Go to Top Page, and a link to e-mail Motaro. Clicking on Load Toolbar will do the same as if you clicked on Toolbar in the Control Panel - the toolbar will load in the upper-left frame, in place of What's Cool. Go to Top Page loads the normal top page in the bottom frame. Once the top page is loaded, you can use it just as if you were in the unframed version. But you can use the other frames for more power. The e-mail link lets you send a message to Motaro.

The What's Cool page will change every 7 seconds, providing a link to some of the best services of this site. It rotates in a cycle, so when you're done with the What's Cool page, click on Toolbar on the Control Panel. A Toolbar linking to most pages on Motaro's MK Page will load in the upper-left frame. Now you can browse the site using the Toolbar, which will stay in that frame no matter where you go in the bottom frame.

If you decide you want to go back to the unframed version, just click on Hide Frames on the Control Panel.

If you want to bring this help page back up, just click on Help! on the Control Panel.