Written by: Oudom Sengbounouvong
You're cordially invited to join GamePro Online and the Team Mortal Kombat (Ed Boon, John Tobias and others from the design team from Midway) on November 16, 1995, at 7:30pm ET to discuss Ultimate MK3. This conference will be held on America Online in the Rotunda (keyword: ROTUNDA). It's your chance to go head-to-head with the makers of UMK3.

Hehehehehe....Oudom saves everyone the trouble:

Disclaimer: This is humor. You laugh at it.

Gamepro: Welcome to yet another interview with Boon and Tobias.
Boon: Hello everyone.
Tobias: Hi everyone.
Forden: Hey, I'm here too in case anyone cares.
Mikik: Me too.
Beran: Me and Michilich are the new guys.
Groskie: Yeah, but I've been doing MK before you two newbies.
Mikik: Shut up, Tony.
Gamepro: OK, let's get to the questions.
Gamepro: First question -
Question: Where the hell's Goro??
Boon: He's back, and in there.
Tobias: The Prince of Shokan is back.
Question: Where is he then?
Boon: Keep on looking ;)
Forden: Yeah.
Tobias: We'll telling you, he's in there.
Groskie: I did the backgrounds for MK2 and MK3.
Gamepro: Hey, punk. You only get ONE question.
Question: Oh, sorry. :(
Gamepro: Don't do it again. Next question -
Question: How do you do a Cage Morph? Nudealities?
Boon: Um.
Tobias: Ed, can you handle this?
Boon: Yeah, um.
Gamepro: You fool! There are no Nude-alities in UMK3. Right, Ed?
Boon: I suppose. Doesn't hurt to try and find it though ;)
Tobias: Yeah! Who knows what we did!
Gamepro: er, ok, next question -
Question: What's up with John Turk? He bites!
Beran: Turk's our friend! Don't pick on him!
Boon: Turk's our friend! Don't pick on him!
Beran: Yeah! I wrote it faster than you, Ed.
Boon: :(
Tobias: Actually, Turk was cool.
Tobias: We got a special deal with him as he did like 75% of the characters in UMK3.
Gamepro: Next question please -
Question: Where are the Brutalities!!!??!!
Beran: Turk's our friend! Don't pick on him!
Beran: DOH!
Boon: Ha Ha!
Gamepro: Uh...next question -
Question: Can you do Scorpion's Double Teleport?
Boon: Doesn't hurt to try and find out if you could ;)
Tobias: Try and do Sheeva's Double Stump, Kang's Double Bike Kick, and Kabal's double dash while you're at it!
Mikik: And Cyrax's 6 nets!
Boon: that wasn't even funny Dave.
Mikik: Sorry, Ed.
Gamepro: Grrrr...next question -
Question: why does subbie suck now?
Boon: Yeah yeah, more complents...
Tobias: Sub-Zero doesn't suck for your information.
Boon: "This guy's cheap"
Boon: "This guy sucks"
Boon: Can't make everyone happy.
Tobias: Sub-Zero is cool as ice.
Gamepro: Maybe he's talking about the blockable Ice Statues...
Forden: Sub-Zero is pretty smooth.
Boon: Damn right, Dan.
Gamepro: Hmmmm. We are running out of time...last question -
Question: Is there going to be a MK4???
Boon: Sub-Zero is still pretty powerful.
Tobias: I'm pretty good with Sub-Zero myself.
Forden: I like how he freezes people.
Mikik: Sub-Zero was played by John Turk in case no one knew.
Beran: Turk's our friend! Don't pick on him!
Gamepro: Well.......
Gamepro: that's all the time we have.
Gamepro: Hope that answered a lot of questions in people's minds.
Gamepro: Thanks UMK3 guys!
Boon: No problem, when do we get to do this again?
Tobias: That was fun.
Mikik: MK4 is hammering up!!
Forden: Ed, should be pretty soon.
Beran: Over all ready??
Groskie: I did the backgrounds for MK2 and MK3.

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