The Winner's Circle!

The Rayden Animality Contest is now over, and after almost 100 entries, I've chosen the very best of them, at least in my opinion. So now, without further ado,

The winner is...!

For this entry:

A Giant ELECTRIC EEL or SQUID that can wrap around your opponent.
This Squid (whole body or just the front part - i.e. Cyrax/Jaws) will have tentacles that will wrap around your opponent similar to Kano's tarantula. This squid could grab the opponent from underneath or just pop-up beside him/her. When the opponent is "hugged", the squid emits an Electrical charge like Raiden's Electrical Shock from MK2 then the opponent explodes with lots of guts flying in the air, hehe!
BUTTONS: Hold Run+Block, Up, Up, Foward, Down, then keep tapping Run+Block to charge shock until explosion (just like MK2)
The Eel would have the same effect, but it's up to the design team to animate this. Remember to color the squid WHITE just like Raiden's classic color.

And here are the honorable mentions (in no particular order)...

Ray D. Fincham:
". . . . An electric eel . . . . he would morph into the eel and then slither up the opponent, and enter into his/her mouth and electrocute them from the inside . . . "

Matt Phipps:
". . . . the gorilla . . . gorillas can rip human's arms off of their shoulders. The gorilla would jump on top [of] the fallen opponent, jump up and down on him while blood and guts squirt out, and finally the gorilla would beat on the opponent's chest as a victory stance. . . ."

Vickie Watters:
". . . . a Loch Ness Monster. . . . opens his mouth, and electricity pulls the guy in, and [chomps] them."

Tarik Khudairi:
". . . . he should morph into an eel and wrap himself [around] his victim and fry him. . . . until he burns up and turns into flames and eventually a charcoaled skeleton. . . ."

Kevin M. Corrie:
". . . . a giant electric eel. . . . he winds around his opponent and starts to squeeze him. [Soon] the screen starts to flash and electricity is flying everywhere. When it's over a charred. . . . skeleton crumbles down into a pile of ash but the skull is still intact with the eyes in it."

Aissa Char:
"Rayden turns into a gorilla, rips his opponent's heart out, and takes a bite out of it."

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