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Latest news

March 3, 2006 - Released the UDLP2 Link Shell v3.0.1, which (hopefully!) fixes a long-standing bug which caused the linked bots to continually just repeat their names.

September 4, 2003 - Released today is the long-awaited UDLP2 Link Shell 3.0, to accompany the new Billy. However, it is a separate release and separate download.



UDLP2 is developed by Gregory G. Leedberg. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to send it to me.

Revision History

UDLP2 Shell 3.0.1 - (3/3/2006)

  • Fixed a small bug which sometimes resulted in the bots just echoing back their names.

UDLP2 Shell 3.0 - (9/14/2003)

  • This is a complete re-write of the Link Shell. Feature-wise, it is very similar to 2.0. However, this is the first Link Shell to feature a Windows graphical interface. This version is also the first version to work correctly under Windows 2000/XP, has a new HTML manual, and the saving of transcripts is now optional.

UDLP2 Shell v2.0 - (7/8/2000)

  • The first to be released as a stand-alone package, this version allows the user to link not just two bots, but up to 15 bots together. The program also quits much faster after a key has been pressed, and stores transcripts of the linked chats. Additionally, the program is much better (and faster) at handling errors than before.

UDLP2 Shell v1.01 - (6/25/2000)

  • Packaged with Daisy v1.1, this was a bug fix. This version fixes one bug which caused quite a lot of "file not found" errors: the paths to the chat bots were truncated at 25 characters! Now the paths can be up to 255 characters long.

UDLP2 Shell v1.0 - (5/10/2000)

  • Packaged with Daisy v1.0, this was the first UDLP2 Shell.