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  • My house has three TVs (family room, bedroom, basement), and all three have Apple TVs connected for media streaming. However, I had gotten to a point where the fmaily room and bedroom both had modern Apple TVs (4K or HD) while the basement still had a 3rd generation Apple TV, Aloysius. That model of Apple TV was good in its day and still somewhat functional, but increasingly services are dropping support for that model of Apple TV, and its lack of an app store means that it is missing out on most new streaming services.
  • So, I upgraded my basement TV to a new 4th-generation Apple TV HD and retired Aloysius. An interesting note about Aloysius is that he was the last device named with my old Muppet naming scheme -- I got Aloysoius in December 2014, and then my new Greek & Roman goddesses naming scheme started in February 2015 with Venus.
  • This was originally obtained December 22nd, 2020, as my basement media streamer.


Apple TV HD / 4th generation
Added Notes
  • Model: A1625
  • CPU: Apple A8
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Networking: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 10/100 ethernet